Cursive Structure - Cube Merged Chair

Chulan Kwak


Bent plywood, Black dyed veneer

1050 x 820 x 730



Chulan Kwak

여러 면이 존재하는 한글의 붓글씨를 입방체의 획으로 보고 한글을 공간에 쓴다는 개념을 필기구조(Cursive Structure)라 이름 짓고, 평면 속 한글의 붓글씨가 가진 입체성을 공간에 조형언어로서 표현하였다.

The concept of writing Hangul in space by seeing the calligraphy writing of Hangeul with several sides as a cubic stroke was named as Cursive Structure, and expressing the three-dimensionality of Hangul's brush writing in a plane as a formative language in the space.

Seating Seoul 2020