Jiwoong Jung


Powder coated wood

860 x 640 x 894






괴테는 자연에 직선은 없다고 말했다. 나는 자연에서 느껴지는 곡선을 의자에 대입해 디자인하였다. fluid 는 직선을 최대한 줄이고 곡선을 늘려 부드려운 느낌을 주고자 했다.
몸에 잘 맞게 수차례 조정해 디자인하였다.

GOETHE said The straight line does not exist in the nature. I was fascinated by curve of the nature and reflected it in the design of this chair. FLUID exclude straight line as much as possible and mainly include the curve to give a soft(smooth) sense. You can feel comfortable when you sit on this chair which is designed for the human body. Coexistends of classic design with modern design make a fluid chair. Finally, It was made through meticulous calcuation and a lot of trial and error.

Seating Seoul 2020