Ironcast Stool

BKID (Bongkyu Song)


Ironcast, Powder coated

350 x 350 x 450



Deahan Special Metal

철 주조는 1500도 이상의 고온을 견딜 수 있는 주철로 제작이 되며 모래 주형에 중력, 압력, 원심력 등을 사용하여 주철을 주조 및 냉각하여 생산됩니다. BKID는 2016년 대한 특수 금속과 함께 주물로 만든 리빙 브랜드 'MM'을 론칭했습니다. 디자인 스튜디오와 제조사의 평등 한 콜라보레이션을 통해 공예와 디자인의 중간 단계에서 조금 생소한 생활 재료 인 주물 (주철)을 활용 한 생활 용품의 대중화를 추구하고 있습니다.

Iron casting is produced by casting and cooling cast iron using gravity, pressure, centrifugal force or the like on a metal lump or sand mold capable of withstanding hot dregs of 1500 degrees or more. In November 2016, BKID launched a living brand ‘M’ made of castings with Korea Metal. BKID launched Matter & Matter, which utilizes upcycle timber in 2010, to create a living story and brand using recycled materials that have not been widely used. Based on its design / branding know-how, We are engaged in the design and branding of ‘M’ series of living brand utilizing casting materials based on the technology of Korea special metal which is making over-casting. Through the equal collaboration between the design studio and the manufacturer, we are pursuing the popularization of living products utilizing casting (cast iron), which is a little unfamiliar living material, at the middle stage between craft and design.

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