Layered Steel

Hyungshin Hwang


Oxidized brass, Natural wax finish

300 x 300 x 450


One off, Limited

Hyungshin Hwang

작가가 살고있는 도시 환경의 기하학적 건물의 모습과 끊임없이 지어지고 허물어지는 단편적인 이미지에 대한 기억을 재조합하여 특정재료를 건축적 구조로 다양한 조형적 가능성을 실험하는 연작이다.

This is a series of experiments that recombine the memory of the geometrical buildings in the urban environment in which the artist lives and the fragmentary images that are constantly being built and broken down, and experiment with various formative possibilities using specific materials as architectural structures.

Seating Seoul 2020