Patterned Pallet Chair

Craft Combine


Used Pallet, Acrylic, Felt

440 x 750 x 450



Craft Combine

폐팔레트를 업사이클 하여 디자인한 의자이다. 팔레트가 가진 구조와 시대적 배경, 표면의 흔적을 모티브로 디자인하였으며, 등받이에 들어간 아르데코 패턴이 특징이다.

‘Patterned Pallet Chair’ is designed by up-cycling wast pallet. Its design was motivated by the structure and historical background of the pallets and the traces on the surface. It features the Are Deco pattern on the back of it.

Seating Seoul 2020